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Indian startup aimed at developing equipment and providing services for smart agriculture

When we imagine the future of agriculture in India, we envision our farmers spending minimum time, effort, resources, and cost in returns of maximum profits.


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Crop Spraying

A safe and efficient solution

Farmers can effortlessly deploy an Airbot to spray pesticides and fertilizers with minimal wastage.

Crop Scouting

A safe and efficient solution

From a specialty vegetable grower to a small-grain harvester, drone crop scouting provides objective data while the crops are still in the field.

Seeding Drones

A safe and efficient solution

An efficient way to increase plant production and reduce environmental damage.

Surya Shakti 16L

Explore Drone Platform

    • – Fully monitors farm operation
    • – Aware of environmental conditions
    • – Improved agricultural information management
    • – Offers precise operation
    • – Precision irrigation
    • – Increased traceability of agricultural products
    • – Scientific early warnings
    • – Supports Digital operation
    • – Provide scientific research for farmers,
    • – farms and agricultural enterprises
    • – Provides production management solutions
    • – Maximized farm productivity and profitability
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Revolutionizing Indian Agriculture with Drone Powered Solutions

AirBots’ advanced drone technology and machine learning for Precision Agriculture results in better crop yields and profitability. Correspondingly, lower levels of standard input from the farmers are required to grow crops and maintain land, water, fertilizer, herbicides, and insecticides.